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What are composting toilets?

Modern composting toilets: More freedom, more hygiene

If you want to install a toilet without a water connection in a small space, you have had to make many compromises in terms of handling, hygiene and comfort. Conventional chemical toilets are harmful to the environment and the classic separating toilets often cause odor problems.

Our mobile toilets solve the problem once and for all!

They were specially developed by travel experts in the USA for use in mobile homes, boats or tiny houses and are becoming increasingly popular with us too.

Easy to use, 100% environmentally friendly

As in any separation toilet, fluids and solids are collected separately. Thanks to a smart flap in the seat, this is particularly easy and hygienic with our models. And thanks to a clever blending mechanism, all solids can dry and compost together with coconut fibers to form an odor-free substrate. All you have to do is empty the urine bottle every now and then and dispose of the solids on the compost or in the general waste.

no geruch wasser chemie witz - Home NEW
ToMTuR Komposttoiletten OGO Teaser - Home NEW

New: OGO®

Composting toilet rethought

At ToMTuR we have been selling mobile composting toilets for over five years. We used this experience to develop a new model. The innovative OGO® combines all the advantages of a well thought-out composting toilet, but offers additional comfort and a completely revised look. Thanks to its compact design, it can be installed even more easily in a small space.

  • Low installation depth at full seat height
  • Modern, cubic design in pure white
  • Electric stirring mechanism at the push of a button
  • Solids container can be removed separately
ToMTuR Komposttoiletten NH Teaser - Home NEW

Nature’s Head®

The tried and tested composting toilet

The NATURE’S HEAD® has already been sold tens of thousands of times in the USA and Europe. Whether in the mobile home, on the boat or in the tiny house – it combines the advantages of a composting toilet with the simplest of handling, the best hygiene and a long range. Since it works without water and chemicals, it is not only suitable for “off grid” use, but also comes up with a flawless environmental balance.

  • The proven market leader from the USA
  • Robust construction made of sturdy plastic
  • Odor-free separation and compost process
  • Large capacity (up to 80 toilet visits)

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How our customers are enjoying the Nature’s Head® toilets in a camper, boat, tiny house and more.