Nature’s Head® composting toilet – the natural solution

Go-anywhere, waterless separating
toilets for:

  • Campers and campervans
  • Caravans
  • RVs and expedition vehicles
  • Boats
  • Outside offices
  • Sheds, barns and outbuildings with no mains drainage
  • Stable blocks and horse boxes

and much more.

No pumping or mechanical emptying, no chemicals, no water – and no smell!
The ultimate eco toilet that is:

  • simple to install
  • easy to empty
  • economical to run
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Your one-stop composting toilet shop

What are composting toilets?

Separating toilets separate liquid and solid waste, and use natural processes to convert solid waste into dry, easy-to-empty compost. Most dry toilets look like a normal toilet but a bit more ‘chunky’. Dry toilets don’t use any water or chemicals, so they are perfect for use in any moving vehicle or marine environments.

Separating toilets don’t require pumping out, access to a black water disposal site, or any kind of fixed drainage system. What’s more, on a road trip for two people, a composting toilet can work for up to six weeks without being emptied. Composted waste is totally safe to put back into the natural environment as a fertiliser or soil improver for trees, plants and even crops.

For more details, check out our “Composting toilets” section.

ToMTuR composting toilets – the natural solution to your portable toilet needs


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