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ToMTur die Experten für Komposttoiletten
Composting Toilets

Enjoy a mobile lifestyle

Our toilets combine maximum travel freedom and best comfort

Without water and chemicals, odourless and environmentally friendly. The ToMTuR toilet models are made for everyone who explores the world on the move.

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The best separating toilet solution for campers, motorhomes and caravans

» Made for globetrotters

Those who explore the world want one thing above all: to enjoy freedom. Frequent stops to refill water or empty the chemical toilet are only a nuisance. Our separating toilets were developed in the USA by travel experts and are therefore particularly suitable for anyone who wants to spend a few days longer in the wilderness. All the advantages of our separation toilets ...

» Your benefits

Unlike conventional camping toilets, our models need no water. This means: less fresh water consumption, less weight, no costly (chemical) disposal. What's more, nothing can spill over, even in the tightest corner. 

Designed as a composting/separating toilet, you only need to empty the urine bottle from time to time. The solids turn into odourless, dry compost. It doesn't get any more environmentally friendly than this.

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ToMTur Trockentoiletten sind chemiefrei


ToMTur Komposttoiletten sind geruchsfrei


ToMTur Trenntoiletten bieten vollen Komfort

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ToMTur Komposttoiletten sind umweltfreundlich

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The advantages of a ToMTuR separating toilet in the camper, caravan and motorhome

  • More comfort
    A pleasant seat height as well as a well-shaped toilet seat provide comfort almost like at home. Instead of flushing, you only need to operate the agitator mechanism. And to care for your toilet, all you need is a little vinegar solution and a cloth.
  • Easy to use
    Our smart toilet seat makes it easy to separate urine and solids when going to the toilet. The urine ends up in a tightly sealed bottle. The solids become compost through mechanical mixing and drying - without unpleasant odours!
  • Longer range
    A ToMTuR separating toilet conserves your water supply. Thanks to the odourless drying of the solids, the container only needs to be disposed of after up to 80 usages. For two people, this corresponds to a travel time of up to four weeks. The only consumable you need is coconut fibres, which you fill into the solids container before the first use.
  • More environmental protection
    They do not require any water or toilet chemicals. Disposal is also much easier, because 100% natural substances (urine/compost) remain as residues, which do not leave any residues in residual waste or even in the wild.
  • Less space and weight
    Due to the water/sewage savings, you save 30 kg in weight with a ToMTuR composting toilet compared to a cassette toilet.
  • Easy installation
    Our composting toilets are very easy to install. Just attach the crank, put it in place, attach the hose and connect the fan. For the latter, you need a power connection so that it can help with drying and composting. This can either be a 12 V connection or a battery.

Which ToMTuR Separating Toilet Model
is suitable for whom?

Nature's Head – die Nummer EIns Komposttoilette bei kaufen
For Off-Grid Fans

Nature’s Head® Separating toilet

Sold tens of thousands of times, tried and tested. The Nature's Head has
  • a large capacity.
  • a sturdy foot crank.
  • a classic toilet look.
  • It is an uncomplicated way to explore the wilderness.
OGO – Komposttoilette kaufen
For Space Savers and Design Lovers

OGO®Separating toilet

Modern, stylish and with an electric agitator

  • The new OGO® model gets by with (even) less space.
  • Its stirring mechanism works electrically at the touch of a button.
  • The new cubic design and the pure white finish are aesthetically up to date.