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ToMTur die Experten für Komposttoiletten
Composting Toilets

8 Reasons
for a

ToMTuR Komposttoiletten im Wohnmobil

1. Made for a mobile life

The Nature's Head® and OGO® inspire everyone who loves independent living. For example, the Nature's Head®'s solids bin only needs to be emptied after 60-80 usages, which is equivalent to four weeks of travel for two people. And the OGO®, with its low installation depth, can fit into even the smallest camper. Both models are designed to keep everything in place even in rough seas or on an off-road trip.

2. Simply more freedom of travel

While many campers have to look for a place to dispose of their chemical toilet properly, you can also spend a few days in the wilderness. Because all "leftovers" can be disposed of easily in an environmentally friendly way.

ToMTuR Komposttoiletten Reste sind kompostierbar
ToMTuR Toiletten für Männer und Frauen gleichermaßen geeignet

3. Real toilet comfort wherever you are

Whether in a camper, on a boat or in a Tiny House - the ToMTuR toilet models Nature's Head® and OGO® offer comfort like at home. The seat height is based on that of classic toilets. The separation of urine and solid matter, which is necessary for composting toilets, also works very comfortably. This is due to the cleverly designed trap door in the toilet seat, which is adapted to the physiognomic needs of women and men alike.

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4. Hygienic and easy to clean

No chemistry. No smell. The smart design uses a mechanical agitator to mix the solids with highly absorbing coconut husk fibres. The substrate dries and composts odour-free. You only need to empty the urine container when necessary and all you need to clean the toilet is a spray bottle with some vinegar water and a paper towel.

ToMTuR Toiletten sind geruchsfrei und leicht zu reinigen
ToMTuR Komposttoiletten sind umweltfreundlich

The environment is pleased

The separation composting process is the most sustainable way to solve the toilet problem. This is because the urine is simply emptied as needed and the solid substrate can be disposed of either in residual waste or compost. By using sustainable coconut fibres and by eliminating any toilet chemicals, our toilets shine with an impeccable environmental balance.

6. Durable quality

To ensure mobile use, both toilet models are made of easy-care plastic. The manufacturers provide a long-term warranty and should something happen to your toilet, you can get all the necessary spare parts from us.

ToMTuR Komposttoiletten sind langlebig

ToMTuR: Solutions for a mobile, independent life

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ToMTuR Komposttoiletten sind einfach zu installieren

7. Easy to install

When you order a ToMTuR toilet, all the components you need are included. Clear construction and installation instructions help you to install your Nature's Head or the new OGO in a space-saving and safe way. And if you have a question, our service is happy to help you by email.

8. A real eye-catcher

Who says a portable toilet can't also be a design object? While our Nature's Head® model comes in a classic design, the new OGO® impresses with its basic cubic shape and pure white sanitary look. This makes it a real eye-catcher on a stylish yacht or in a chic Tiny House.
ToMTuR Komposttoiletten sind ideal für unterwegs