Composting toilets for campers and caravans

A composting toilet is an economical, environmentally-friendly and no-smell solution as toilets for campervan, motorhome or caravan toilets

  • No need to use waste disposal stations
  • No plumbing or sewage facilities required
  • Water-free, odour-free and chemical-free
  • One of the smallest composting toilets on the market – with full sized seat!
  • Liquid waste (urine) can be disposed of in drains (where permitted) or public loos
  • Lasts for months between emptying with no smell (60-80 uses of solid waste section)
  • End product (humanure) is dry, smells just like garden compost, and can be disposed of on a garden compost heap or in bags in normal waste bins.
  • Easy to operate, no chemicals required, and comfortable to use!

Why choose a composting toilet

Toilets installed in most campers and caravans are cassette toilets and vacuum toilets. Both types are chemical-based toilets that require frequent emptying and cleaning. They can be smelly, and the liquids inside can slosh about when you drive or tow. Many blue chemical toilet fluids contain formaldehyde, so are not environmentally friendly.

No water = no black water tank

The average motorhome or campervan flushing toilet uses between 0.5 and 1.5 litres of water per flush. That water goes into your so-called ‘black water’ or ‘black waste’ tank. That’s extra weight to carry or pull, increasing your fuel usage.

With a composting toilet, you won’t need a black water holding tank, just a grey water one for washing water. So, you can free up the space and use it for something else, like storage!

Reduce your caravan’s weight

You also need to factor in the weight of the water required for flushing. A medium flushing campervan toilet will require around 15 litres in the upper tank, and storage for another 15 litres in the lower tank. That’s 30 litres of water, which alone weights 30 kgs.

More freedom to roam

As you don’t need any water for flushing when using a dry toilet, your fresh water will last much longer. Save your water for the pleasant things in life!

Using your camper or caravan composting toilet

Using a composting toilet is simple, quick and easy. The only consumable you require is coir or sphagnum moss to prime your toilet before first use and after emptying. Simply moisten this with water, pop into the toilet and you’re good to go. You might also like to invest in compostable/biodegradable rubbish bags to dispose of the solid waste if you’re away from your garden!

Composting toilets save time and money

A composting toilet saves you both time and money:

  • No chemicals to buy or dispose of.
  • Reduced weight increases fuel efficiency.
  • No charcoal filters or cassettes to clean or replace.
  • Cheap priming materials (coir or sphagnum moss), readily available at garden centres or from our online shop.
  • No charges for emptying black waste tanks.
  • Only 60 mA / 12 V electricity required to run electric fan.
  • Extended adventure and ‘wild’ times away from facilities.
  • Robust with minimal moving parts so less vulnerable to breakages.

What you need to install a Nature’s Head® composting toilet

Our composting toilets are very simple to install. Simply assemble, lift into place (it’s really light), attach the hose and install the vent. You will also need a power source for the small electric fan that helps the drying and composting process. This can be a power outlet or even a small solar panel.


Contact us for more advice on choosing and installing a composting toilet in a caravan, camper, campervan or motorhome.