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ToMTur die Experten für Komposttoiletten
Composting Toilets

The most natural toilet solution

ToMTuR garden toilets and Tiny House toilets

Without water and sewer connection, but with a lot of comfort. It has never been so easy to install a comfortable and at the same time sustainable toilet.

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The best garden toilet for Tiny Houses 

» Made for homeowners

Whether you want to retrofit your garden shed or purchase a trendy Tiny House - with a composting/separating toilet from ToMTuR, you don't have to sacrifice anything in terms of comfort and at the same time benefit from a simple and sustainable solution... More about our composting toilets ...

» Your benefits

Although composting toilets do not require a water or sewer connection, they do not require toxic toilet chemicals. The smart design enables uncomplicated separation of urine and solids, and thanks to odour-free composting, you can even fertilise flowers or shrubs with the leftovers.

ToMTur Trenntoiletten ohne Wasserverbrauch


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ToMTur Komposttoiletten sind geruchsfrei


ToMTur Trenntoiletten bieten vollen Komfort

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ToMTur Komposttoiletten sind umweltfreundlich

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The advantages of a ToMTuR garden toilet in a Tiny House

  • More comfort
    ToMTuR toilets also guarantee the usual sitting and operating comfort in the garden or tiny house. Unlike other separating toilets, there is no need to add litter after each use. After using the toilet, simply operate the agitator briefly - and you're done.
  • Worry-free operation
    Whether you use your Tiny House permanently or only temporarily - a ToMTuR toilet always works reliably. Since it works without water, you don't have to fear longer periods of absence or frost. No pipe can burst, no sewer can overflow.
  • Close to nature and environmentally friendly
    All waste from a composting/separating toilet can be returned to the cycle of nature. Urine is a valuable source of nitrogen for plants. The composted solids resemble forest soil and can be used in many ways. Where permitted, they can be buried in nature. Another option is to let the remains rot on the compost heap for about a year and then use them as nutrient-rich fertiliser for flowers and shrubs (no edible plants).
  • Cost-effective
    For our toilet models, you do not need to install any water pipes or commission a sewer connection. This minimises both installation and fixed costs. The only consumables are sustainable coconut fibres for composting.
  • Location-independent
    Here today, there tomorrow. If you equip your Tiny House with a toilet from ToMTuR, you are completely location-independent. You do not need any external infrastructure and can operate your toilet completely "off grid".
  • Space-saving
    Innovative living forms such as Tiny Houses offer comfort in the smallest of spaces. Nothing fits in better than a composting toilet from ToMTuR. You don't need space for pipes, sewage connection or a cistern. Our latest innovation - the new OGO® - impresses with one of the smallest installation depths ever.
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Which ToMTuR model
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Nature's Head – die Nummer EIns Komposttoilette bei kaufen
For Garden Lovers

Nature’s Head®

If you have a bit of space, you'll love this uncomplicated classic from the US. The Nature's Head® has a particularly high capacity (up to 80 usages) and the power-saving fan can also be operated by battery or turbine fan if there is no electricity connection.
OGO – Komposttoilette kaufen
For modern Tiny Houses


The OGO® is a space-saving and comfort miracle. It has a very low installation depth and an electric stirrer. Its cubic design and white colour offer stylish looks in the smallest space.