4 x 4 offroad FUSO forum

Welcome to the FUSO forum for those who take their FUSO Canter further! It’s also THE place for discussions on wild camping, expedition vehicles and major road trips in your FUSO!

Our FUSO forum was created for owners of a Mitsubishi Fuso truck-based expedition vehicle and all those thinking about. It quickly expanded into covering all aspects of wild adventure road trips, with more than 400 members swapping information and help.

Our original forum is in German and unfortunately, due to technical restrictions of the forum plugin we use,  there only can be one forum installation per web site. But to open our forum to a wider audience, we set up an English section for Europe, the UK and all over the world. Just switch to the German forum and either go to the English section or enjoy the German content and let Google translate it for you. Sign up today and start contributing your experiences, or asking questions. We look forward to chatting with you soon!