Conversion of the camping toilet in a caravan

If you are looking for a replacement for the annoying camping toilet for your caravan or motor home, you will find it here.

Since dry separating toilets do not require water, you save weight. Both in terms of flushing water and waste water. This is an important issue, especially for caravans and motorhomes under 3.5 t. With the saved fresh water you can make more coffee, take a shower or do other nice things...

Our colleagues from Kederschlinge (German page), the Camper Gadget have converted their caravan to a Nature's Head® composting toilet and kindly sent us some pictures of the finished conversion.

With the replacement of their conventional camping toilet, the four from the Kederschlinge can now look forward to every tour in a relaxed manner.

The exhaust hose of the Nature's Head® is plugged onto the fan. This can be mounted either on the right or left. Depending on which side fits better during installation. You can find more information about the simple conversion here.