The Nature's Head® - your perfect boat toilet

A more than satisfied customer sent us these pictures of the conversion of his boat toilet on an ALBATROSS Flying 871.

The Nature's Head® offers advantages on boats in terms of use and disposal.

It makes you independent of disposal infrastructure. The "leftovers" can simply be disposed of in a public toilet or a residual waste bin. Depending on the country, the dumping of pure urine in the water is permitted (please inform yourself about the legal situation) and especially at sea completely unproblematic.

In use, this form of composting toilet is completely odourless and the solid waste container does not need to be emptied after a short trip. Only after about 60 - 80 "solid usages" is it necessary to empty the lower tank, and you don't have to head to a marina to do so.

Invented and built by a sailor from Ohio, this boat toilet is the most robust model you will find on the market. All parts are made of PE (polyethylene) and seawater-resistant stainless steel (V4A), so you will enjoy the Nature's Head® for a long time.