Oman4 with Nature's Head® instead of Thetford C400 toilet

Today we finally show you the Oman4 from Burow, a permanently installed cabin on a Ford Ranger with frame extension.

As the first individual motorhome builder in Germany, Burow Reisemobile decided a good 4 years ago to install our Nature's Head® as a standard. Especially for vehicles under 3.5 t, the operation of the toilet without flushing water is noticeable. With the 100 l of fresh water from the Oman, you get a lot further. And as Claus Burow himself tested at the time, the self-sufficiency of the vehicle is considerably increased with the dry separation toilet.

As you can see from the pictures, the layout of the bathroom was originally intended for a C400 bench toilet from Thetford. Since the Nature's Head® is a little deeper than the bench, it protrudes a few cm over the edge of the shower tray. This protrusion can be reduced by omitting the rear hinge during installation and placing the toilet directly against the wall. This does not affect the use of the toilet in any way, because the stainless steel latches on the side hold the toilet head firmly in place. In the meantime, some of Burow's "original" Omans have also been converted to Nature's Head®.