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Stainless steel finger pull latch

Self-locking furniture lock made of stainless steel, ideal for use in motorhomes, vans, expedition vehicles or on boats.

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Delivery Time: ca. 2-3 business days (Germany)
ToMTur Komposttoiletten Technische Details

Technical Details

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Scope of Delivery

Depending on width.

ToMTur Komposttoiletten Weitere Informationen

More Information

Never again problems caused by unlocked doors or drawers in the vehicle. The latch automatically engages when closing the door or drawer, so locking cannot be forgotten.

Nevertheless, the lock is intuitive to operate. To open, simply pull the handle in the natural opening direction of the furniture front and the lock is automatically unlocked.

Suitable for furniture fronts with a thickness of up to 20 mm. Fastest and easiest assembly!

Please note: The Pull-Locks are not a 1:1 replacement for commercially available Push-Locks, you will find drawings for assembly in the product pictures!