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ToMTur die Experten für Komposttoiletten
Composting Toilets

Ideal for maritime life

Comfort on all (water)ways

Odourless, environmentally friendly and wave-proof. The ToMTuR boat toilet models are suitable for anyone who wants to set sail in an uncomplicated way.


The best boat toilet solution (boats, ships and yachts)

» Optimised for operation at sea

On the water, boat toilets are subject to more difficult conditions. An on-board toilet must be stable, leak-proof and, of course, environmentally friendly, even in rough seas. It should be easy to empty, leave no odour behind and offer comfort on longer sailing trips. How good that we at ToMTuR have thought of all that! 

More about our composting toilets ...

» Your benefits

Unlike many boat toilets, our models do not need water. So nothing can spill over or leak out in a swell. When it comes to disposal, you can save yourself the hassle of pumping out black water. Designed as a composting/separating toilet, you only need to empty the urine bottle and dispose of the composted solids as residual waste.

ToMTur Trenntoiletten ohne Wasserverbrauch


ToMTur Trockentoiletten sind chemiefrei


ToMTur Komposttoiletten sind geruchsfrei


ToMTur Trenntoiletten bieten vollen Komfort

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ToMTur Komposttoiletten sind umweltfreundlich

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The advantages of a ToMTuR boat toilet on boats, ships and yachts

  • Comfortable
    A pleasant seat height as well as a well-shaped toilet seat provide comfort almost like at home. Instead of flushing, you only need to operate the agitator mechanism. And to care for your toilet, all you need is a little vinegar solution and a cloth.
  • Sea-ready
    A boat is always on the move. From gentle rocking in the harbour to high waves at sea, an on-board toilet has to cope with it all. A toilet that works without water is unbeatable in this turbulent environment. Nothing can leak or spill out. Everything stays in its place. The good anchoring of our toilets and the particularly tight urine bottle therefore pay off especially on boats.
  • Harbour-friendly
    Chemical toilets are disliked in many marinas. Pumping out or emptying waste water is costly and smelly. Some marinas now even no longer accept black water, which could contain certain chemicals. With ToMTuR toilets, this problem is a thing of the past. Because they only have to do two simple things when stopping at the port: Empty the urine bottle and dispose of the solids as residual waste - done!

Disposal on the high seas: is it allowed?

While it is permitted in Great Britain to dispose of boat toilets on the open sea, it is mainly marine conservationists who object to this practice.

However, one can and may argue in a differentiated manner here. Urine consists of 95% water and its salt content is similar to that of seawater. Even though it naturally also contains urea and possibly even traces of medicines and hormones, most experts agree that where water circulates freely, openly disposed of urine does no harm.

Faecal waste is another matter. The less of it that ends up in our lakes, rivers and oceans, the better. The ToMTuR toilets can hold up to 80 usages. This means that the container will last much longer than the vast majority of trips on a boat, yacht, cruiser or pleasure craft. The disposal can therefore be done easily at the next shore.

Which ToMTuR boat toilet model is suitable for whom?

Our toilet models are as flexible as your maritime needs. Whether on a boat, yacht, ferry, pleasure cruiser or barge - our composting toilets are always the ideal solution.

Nature's Head – die Nummer EIns Komposttoilette bei kaufen
The Robust Classic

Nature’s Head®

The Nature's Head® boat toilet already bears its maritime "origin" in its name (head = bow). It was developed by two sailors and is particularly easy to mount on the side of the boat thanks to its slanted back.

ToMTuR OGO Trenntoilette
Stylish Ambiance – Little SPace


The new OGO® fits even better below deck with its very small footprint. The cubic design and the pure white finish will delight design fans and all seafarers who value a sophisticated interior.