Meet the ToMTuR team

ToMTuR is a company dedicated to supplying composting toilets anywhere and everywhere in Europe and the UK. We’re passionate about helping people like you solve their portable toilet problems with probably the best composting toilet on the planet, the Nature’s Head® separating toilet.

We started as enthusiastic users of this no smell, no pumping, easy to empty answer to providing a comfortable, long-lasting and eco-friendly toilet for our motorhome. We were so impressed, we are now major European distributors for these fantastic waterless toilets.

Why we started ToMTuR

We were surprised about how little is known about the principle of urine-separating toilets in Europe, and how difficult the European models of camping toilets are to empty and safely dispose of the content.

We also discovered first hand just how elaborate it is to import these toilets from the USA…

So we became a distributor. Now, you can order any model of Nature’s Head® composting toilet from us, and we’ll ship it direct from our warehouse in Berlin, Germany, to any country in Europe, including the UK, Switzerland, Norway, and Turkey.

The ToMTuR team

Olly - Meet the ToMTuR team

Oliver Schindelhauer
Managing Director

Oliver is originally from Berlin, an he’s the co-founder of ToMTuR. Oliver is passionate about travelling, running and his motorhome. He and co-founder Harriet have discovered how a motorhome and /or expedition vehicle enables him to live his dream: to travel across the world on international road trips, and still work as a self-employed IT consultant when he wants to.

Harry - Meet the ToMTuR team

Harriet Diedering
Managing Director

Harriet was born in Wiesbaden but now lives in Berlin, when she’s not on the road with Oliver. Harriet studied food chemistry at degree level and as a result is committed to healthy eating. She loves traveling, books and the solitude and peace of some of nature’s most remote places. OK, she also loves New York too!

Tennie - Meet the ToMTuR team

Our Teenie

Our advisor, source of infinite wisdom, life experience and exciting ideas!

Cosima - Meet the ToMTuR team

Cosima Aschinger

Whenever you call or email us, Cosima will be your first contact. With two young kids of her own, keeping calm and being organized are Cosima’s best qualities. If it comes to shipping to even the most unusual places, she will find a solution for you!

Our Berlin warehouse team

The ‘behind the scenes’ team who ensure every Nature’s Head® toilet is packed and shipped with care from our warehouse to your home or business.

Our installation partners

If you don’t want to install your composting toilet and vent system in your RV or camper, or need help preparing an outbuilding to take a composting toilet, our installation partners can help. At present, we have a network of partners here in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and are looking for new partners in other countries.

If you’d like to join the composting toilet revolution as an approved installer, call us or email us.