Nature’s Head® composting toilets

Composting toilets work by separating liquid and solid waste. So, they are also known as a:

  • Self-contained separating toilet
  • Portable loo
  • Dry toilet
  • Urine-diverting toilet
  • Waterless toilet
  • Camper toilet
  • Separating toilet

The Nature’s Head® composting toilet is easy to install and even easier to use. It’s actually a composting, dry/no water, and separating toilet all in one. It is well-constructed, lightweight and efficient, with no odour, and requires no chemicals, pumping out or holding tank installed. Most of all, it is highly affordable!

What sets a Nature’s Head® composting toilet apart?

We think these are the best composting toilets on the market anywhere in the world – here’s why:

Robust and easy to use

Constructed from robust PE and stainless steel hardware, with an attractive mock-granite finish and simple to use agitator handle, the Nature’s Head® composting toilet has been designed to withstand the harshest of conditions.

Small but mighty!

The Nature’s Head® composting toilet one of the smallest sized separating toilets on the European market but way ahead in terms of capacity! The whole toilet weighs just 28lbs, and its full-sized integrated seat is very comfortable to sit on too!

product - Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

Female friendly!

Ladies – great news – the Nature’s Head® composting toilet is 100% female friendly! You don’t have to “aim” towards the urine separating area in the bowl. Just leave the urine diverting trap door closed and sit and use as normal. All liquids will be directed to the urine bottle.

Hygienic, comfortable integrated toilet seat

The integrated toilet seat on a Nature’s Head® composting toilet is comfortable, and extremely easy to keep clean, with no edges or corners where dirt may build up. Unlike composting toilets with a separate flip-up seat, there are no flimsy hinges or thin plastic parts to break, and the sturdy top lid is strong enough to sit on, no problem.

MONTHS between emptying!

The Nature’s Head® eco-friendly composting toilet will hold approximately 60-80 uses before emptying of composted solids is required. The secret is in the unique double-action process.

  • Simply turn the handle after use to mix waste with coir, to absorb any liquid and break it up
  • The coir and waste mixture is gently aerated by a fan that dries the mixture and keeps it smell-free!

OK, the liquid bottle will require more frequent emptying, around every 2-5 days. It simply slots into the front of the toilet, so there’s no need for an external urine tank and difficult plumbing. This large capacity urine bottle is semi-transparent, so you can tell when it needs emptying without having to admire the contents every time you got to the loo! The secure bottle holder will keep the urine bottle where it’s supposed to be, even on rough roads or in heavy seas.

No substrate after every use

There’s no need to throw in any kind of substrate after each use to cover the solids. So there’s no mess, no potential substrate spillage on the floor, and no bulky bag of substrate taking up space in the toilet cubicle either!

What’s In The Box?

With a Nature’s Head® composting toilet, everything you need for installation is in the box, including a pre-installed small fan, and pipework. All you need to add is some damp coir or sphagnum moss to kick-start the process.With all purchases in Europe, we’ll add a free starter brick of coco coir, so you’re able to ‘get going’ right away!

Download the Nature’s Head® brochure here.

Who are Nature’s Head®?

Nature’s Head® Inc. manufacture and distribute their own designs of composting toilet. Located in Van Buren, Ohio, they have approved distributors such as ourselves located throughout the United States and Canada as well as in Europe and Australia. All of the components for the toilet, except for the fan, are manufactured and assembled in Ohio.

Designed for marine use, available to all

The first Nature’s Head® toilet (or head, the marine term for toilet) was designed in 2006 by two experienced sailors who wanted to create a more user-friendly toilet for marine use. They initially designed their product to withstand the harsh marine environment, but it can be used anywhere you need a toilet.

Nature’s Head® composting toilets have been sold in their tens of thousands to owners of homes, tiny homes, cabins, boats, campers, RV’s, workshops, barns, yurts, and survival shelters, as well as to the US Military.

The company is so confident in their products that they were the first to offer a 5-year warranty on composting toilets of this type.

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