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ToMTur die Experten für Komposttoiletten
Composting Toilets
Nature's Head Toilette

Nature’s Head® toilet by ToMTuR

The market leader from the US - ideal for all those who love freedom: The Nature's Head® combines the advantages of a composting toilet with the simplest handling, best hygiene and long range.

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Nature’s Head® toilet –
The mobile composting toilet with comfort

The NATURE'S HEAD® has really thought of everything. The compact design, the smart separation mechanism and the odourless composting make it perhaps the best portable toilet in the world. Travel enthusiasts have been relying on the proven design and environmentally friendly functionality since 2006.

Nature's Head Komposttoilette Vermaßung

Nature’s Head® Toilet Overview

  • Convenient and comfortable
    The smart separation of urine and solids and the odorless composting process ensure high toilet comfort even in small spaces.
  • Easy to clean and hygienic
    Urine and solids can be disposed of easily. And for cleaning the Nature's Head, a cloth and a spray bottle with a little vinegar solution is just enough.
  • Long range
    The urine bottle holds more than eight liters and the solid container up to 80 uses. The Nature's Head is the first choice for all who want more freedom to travel or are also occasionally off-grid.
  • Easy to install
    Everything you need is included in the box. In just a few steps, you have installed your NATURE'S HEAD® and are ready to go.

In a motorhome

Those who explore the world on the move want one thing above all: to enjoy freedom. Frequent stops to refill water or empty the chemical toilet are only a nuisance.

The NATURE'S HEAD® toilet was developed in the US by travel experts and is therefore particularly suitable for anyone who wants to spend a few days longer in the wilderness. The advantages: No water, no chemicals and absolutely environmentally friendly technology!

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On the boat

The NATURE'S HEAD® toilet is also the first choice on the water. Its design saves space and weight, and the stability of all components ensures that everything remains leak-proof even in heavy seas.

Good news for your wallet: there is no need for costly pumping out of black water at the next port stop. You can easily empty the urine and solids tanks and set course for sea again!

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The Tiny House

Whether you want to refit your garden shed or set up a trendy Tiny House - with the NATURE'S HEAD® you have solved the toilet problem perfectly. Because in terms of comfort, you don't have to compromise, but you benefit from an absolutely simple and sustainable solution.

You don't need a water or sewer connection and can even fertilise flowers and trees with the compost from the NATURE'S HEAD®.