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ToMTur die Experten für Komposttoiletten
Composting Toilets
Neue Komposttoilette OGO von ToMTuR

OGO® Composting toilet by ToMTuR

Elegant design meets perfect functions: The OGO® composting toilet has been optimised for the mobile lifestyle of the 21st century. Convenient to use, 100% hygienic and consistently environmentally friendly.

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OGO® – Composting toilet rethought

The new OGO© combines all the advantages of a well-designed composting toilet with maximum comfort and elegant design. The compact construction and the pure white design make the OGO© a real eye-catcher. Because it is designed to be even more space-saving, it can also be installed even better in your motorhome, boat or Tiny House.

The OGO© is the first choice for all those who do not want to compromise toilet comfort when on the move. It is available now and comes with all the necessary components.

Measurements of OGO Composting Toilet

OGO® Composting toilet at a glance

  • Smart separation The tried-and-tested toilet seat separates urine and solids as soon as you use the toilet.
  • Optimised containers The urine bottle has a capacity of nine litres and is even easier to remove. The solids bucket can now also be easily removed and emptied.
  • Electric agitator Solids and coconut fibres are mixed in the agitator at the touch of a button - odourless, of course!
  • New design Cubic, minimalist and with a white sanitary look. The new OGO is a real design object.
  • 100% Eco-friendly No water, no chemicals. The urine bottle is emptied as needed. Odourless compost is produced from the solids. That's all.
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In a motorhome

The OGO® composting toilet promises pure freedom of travel, because it uses no water and works completely odourless and chemical-free. The solid waste container only needs to be emptied after up to 30 uses.

An additional plus: With its uniquely compact dimensions, the OGO® is also suitable for installation in smaller vehicles.


On a boat

Below deck, every centimetre is precious. The cubic, space-saving design of the OGO® composting toilet is perfectly made for this. The simple modern shape blends unobtrusively into the interior and fits perfectly with other sanitary objects. With this chic composting toilet with a high capacity and no water consumption, the next port stop can quietly take place a few days later.


Tiny Houses

You want to use a composting toilet stationary? We have therefore also designed the OGO® for use in garden sheds or in new forms of housing such as Tiny Houses. The advantages are obvious: independence from water and sewer connections, odour-free convenient design and a space-saving, modern design. By the way: the composted solids can be disposed of easily in the garden or in the residual waste.