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ToMTur die Experten für Komposttoiletten
Composting Toilets

Nature's Head® by ToMTuR

All the advantages of a composting toilet: easiest handling, best hygiene and long reach.
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OGO® by ToMTuR

Noble design meets perfect functions.

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ToMTuR: Composting toilets with more comfort

Always hygienic on the go

Wherever there is no water connection, our toilet models are the best solution. They are simple, hygienic, odourless and absolutely environmentally friendly. Whether in a camper van, boat or Tiny House - ToMTuR toilets fit into the smallest space and offer maximum mobility at the same time.Because there is no need to refill water or empty the chemical toilet.

100% Eco-friendly

ToMTuR toilets collect urine and solids separately. Thanks to a smart trap door in the seat, this is particularly easy. Through a mechanical mixing with coconut fibres, the solid waste dries into an odourless substrate. All you have to do is empty the urine bottle every now and then and dispose of the solids in the compost or residual waste.

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Our bestsellers

Nature's Head Komposttoilette bei kaufen

The classic: Nature’s Head®

The Nature's Head® has already been sold tens of thousands of times in the US and Europe. Whether in a motorhome, on a boat or in a Tiny House - it combines the advantages of a composting toilet with the simplest handling, best hygiene and long range. Since it does not require any water or chemicals, it is not only "off-grid" compatible, but also shines with a flawless environmental balance.
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We at ToMTuR have been selling mobile composting toilets for over 5 years. We have used this experience to develop a new model. The innovative OGO® combines all the advantages of a well-designed separating composting toilet, but offers additional comfort and a completely revised look. The compact design makes it even easier to fit into small spaces.

What you should know about our composting toilets…

All ToMTuR toilets work according to the separating/composting principle. The urine is separated immediately when the toilet is used and collected in a tightly closed urine bottle. Depending on the model, it holds eight to nine litres.

The other excrements go into the solids container and are mixed with coconut fibres by means of a stirrer. The subsequent drying by a built-in fan finally produces a substrate that smells discreetly of forest soil and can be disposed of as compost. Depending on the model, the container can hold up to 80 usages - which corresponds to a journey of several weeks for a couple.

BTW:Our two models Nature's Head® and OGO® combine the advantages and sustainability of the composting principle with a very high comfort of use. The seat height is comfortable and the smart separation trap door in the seat makes the separate collection of urine equally successful for men and women. The stable construction and the easy installation will also convince you.

Why is the toilet seat so unusually shaped?

The answer is quite simple - hygiene. This type of toilet seat is much easier to clean. It is also more robust than with folding toilet seat, has no superfluous hinges and will therefore provide long-lasting pleasure.

The Nature's Head® separation toilet was specially designed for marine and "on-the-go" use, where foldable toilet seats could pose a safety hazard under certain circumstances. For example, there were cases where, in rough seas, the toilet seat broke. The design of the moulded seat eliminates such potential accident hazards.

With the OGO®, the developer has taken a cue from this and is also opting for the more hygienic approach without separate toilet seat.

How to clean my composting toilet?

Cleaning a composting toilet is quick and easy - apart from a little vinegar or citric acid, you don't need any cleaning agents, and there are no filters to change.

  • Rinse the urine container with water. If some urea has build-up, you can dissolve it with concentrated vinegar, hot water and shaking.
  • Unlike a conventional toilet, the toilet bowl has no corners and edges. The construction and the smooth surface make cleaning extremely easy. To clean the bowl, we recommend wiping any remaining urine drops with a piece of toilet paper after use and spraying the bowl regularly, not too wet, with diluted vinegar or citric acid.
  • The opening for the solids is very large. If something should still go wrong, use a little vinegar from the spray bottle provided and a sheet of toilet paper.

You do not have to clean the solids bin!

The residues in the container that remain after emptying serve as a compost starter for the next filling. How convenient.

If you like to clean the solids bin, please remember to remove the toilet head from your Nature's Head to protect the fan from water.

Please do not use abrasive cleaning agents / sponges under any circumstances!

Can men urinate standing up?

The design of the Nature's Head® makes this possible as long as the trap door is closed. Nevertheless, we would recommend urinating while sitting, as the bowl is quite shallow and could splash urine.

With the OGO® we would strongly advise against urinating while standing, as the different angle of impact could cause urine to enter the solids bin via the rear end of the trap door.

Where can I empty my solids bin?

The contents of the solid waste bins are dry and composted, making emptying them easy, like emptying an old flower pot. Ideally, you dispose of the solids on your composting heap, let them rot for a year and get excellent humus for your garden the next year.

When travelling, you can dispose of your solids waste in any residual waste. Disposal in organic waste is not permitted in Germany. In very remote areas, you can bury the solids, keeping a sufficient distance from water bodies and making the hole deep enough so that animals do not dig anything up.

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