A more than satisfied customer sent us these pictures of the conversion of his boat toilet on an ALBATROSS Flying 871.

A composting toilet uses no water, so there is no smelly liquid waste to slosh about, no nasty chemicals to add, and no black waste to store or pump out of a tank. Indeed, many marinas won’t accept black waste that includes certain chemicals, which can be a major issue.

Instead, you have just two elements:

  • A storage bottle for urine which can safely be disposed of overboard. This is permitted in the UK, without harming the marine environment.
  • The solid waste converts to environmentally-friendly and clean-smelling compost, which can be disposed of in a bag in any regular waste bin on shore.

Robust, high capacity, simple to use boat toilet

When you’re at sea, you haven’t time to worry about your toilet! The Nature’s Head® marine toilet is a simple integrated unit that’s robust, and easy to secure in place.

  • The integrated seat ensures there’s no toilet seat to flap about.
  • The urine bottle is securely held in place yet easy to remove when required.
  • The solids section has a remarkable capacity for its size, thanks to the unique composting system.
  • It’s comfortable to use for both sexes.

Invented and built by an Ohio sailor, this boat toilet is the most robust model you will find on the market. All parts are made of PE (polyethylene) and seawater-proof stainless steel (V4A), so you will enjoy Nature’s Head® for a long time.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!