Nature’s Head® Composting Toilet with Foot-Spider Handle and Extra Urine Bottle


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For situations where extra capacity is needed, this package includes an extra liquids bottle, at no additional shipping cost.

The Nature’s Head comes with a 12V plug. If you will be using your Nature’s Head with 230V power, you will need to buy a 12V transformer/adaptor.

Mounting brackets, fuse, fuse holder, agitator, handle, inside vent flange, and 1,5 m of venting hose with attached ends are all included with the toilet.

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What’s in the box?

  • Your new Nature’s Head® composting toilet!
  • 2 pcs. urine container 8.3 l with screw cap
  • Small electrical fan (pre-installed in the toilet assembly)
  • 18 inch (approx. 45.7 cm) cable for the 12 V fan (the fan is preinstalled), fuse and fuse holder for installation using a battery
  • 5 feet (approx. 152 cm) long, flexible ventilation tube, inside diameter 1½ inch (about 3,8 cm)
  • Connection piece for connecting the ventilation pipe to the outflow
  • Convenient Foot-Spider Handle
  • 2 mounting brackets and knurled nuts
  • 4 fixing screws (for installation on wooden floors)
  • Allen key for spider handle assembly (depending on version)
  • Spray bottle
  • Operation manual (in English, other languages available online)

What else you might need

Your Nature’s Head® separating toilet is supplied with most of the components necessary for installation. You might also consider:

Fans and ventilation

Your composting toilet comes with a small built-in fan for circulating air through the solids bin and removing humidity. This should be vented to the outside. If you already have an old ventilation hole in place, you could use gill plates in various sizes instead.

  • For a new installation, a vent/fan size of approx. 6 cm diameter is sufficient for the required ventilation.
  • Adding a fly screen or flynet over the vent is recommended to prevent insects from getting into the ventilation tube.
  • Why not buy a stainless steel gill plate with flynet in our shop!

Please refer to the installation instructions in the box for the ventilation conditions, or contact us if you have any questions concerning your installation.

Hoses and hose length

For some installation variants, you may need longer hose lengths. if so, you can simply replace the hoses provided with longer lengths of standard PVC pipe (40mm). Do remember that the end of the hose needs to be flexible and removable, so it can be pulled off when you need to empty the solids containers of your composting toilet.

Floor types

The mounting screws provided in the installation kits are for use on wooden floors only. For installations on a concrete floor or similar, we suggest attaching the toilet to a piece of lacquered wood that is screwed or glued to the concrete.

Power supply

If you want to operate the toilet using a domestic power supply (house connection), you’ll need to covert the domestic supply using a suitable a suitable plug-in power supply/transformer. You’ll find these in our shop!

Composting substrate

All composting toilets need to be primed with a substrate to kickstart composting. We always recommend coconut husk fibre, known as coir. This is lightweight, easy to handle, environmentally friendly and completely sustainable. You will find easy to use coco coir bricks in our online composting toilets accessories.

Additional information

Weight14.5 kg
Dimensions48.3 × 48.3 × 52.3 cm

Nature's Head


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