OGO® compact separation toilet with electric agitator


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Delivery Time: 4-6 weeks (Germany)

The new OGO® is the result of intensive development work. It combines the advantages of a composting toilet with maximum comfort, a revised look and even less space requirement.

Thanks to its cubic design and pure white finish, the OGO® is a real design object.  The electric mixer no longer needs a crank and the separately removable solids container simplifies emptying. Like all our separation/composting toilets, the OGO® does not require water or chemicals and operates odour-free and environmentally friendly.

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Scope of delivery of the OGO®

  • Dry separation toilet with composting function
  • Urine bottle 9 l with screw cap
  • electric 12 V fan (pre-assembled),
  • 1.8 m cable
  • 1.5 m exhaust air hose, 38 mm, flexible
  • Spray bottle for vinegar with water
  • 1 coconut brick for immediate use (not all countries)

What else you might need…

Your OGO® separation toilet comes with most of the components necessary for installation. This does not include the external exhaust air cover, as each application requires something different. Common are e.g. gill plates in various sizes (e.g. if you already have an old feed-through), for a new installation a size of approx. 6 cm diameter is sufficient. We would recommend a fly screen or a comparable solution with gauze to make it impossible for insects to enter the ventilation hose.

Please observe the installation instructions regarding the ventilation area. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your installation.

For some installation variants longer hose lengths might be required, for longer pieces the hose can also be replaced by commercially available HT pipe.

If you want to operate the toilet on a 230 volt mains supply (house connection), this can be done with the help of a power supply unit. 12V / 10A are necessary.

We recommend coconut fibres as composting medium. You can find these in our shop.

Additional information

Weight11.6 kg
Dimensions38.1 × 40.6 × 46.7 cm



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