Nature’s Head® Composting Toilet Shop

Nature’s Head® toilets are dry, separating composting toilets. The odorless, uncomplicated and environmentally friendly solution for your RV, boat, garden, cottage, cellar, home office or wherever you need a sanitation solution!


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  • Installation of a Nature’s Head® composting toilet neither needs fresh- or waste-water connection nor a separate urine tank.

    This makes installation fast and easy. Retrofitting of existing systems isn’t any problem. Due to the small dimensions, especially in comparison to similar products, the Nature’s Head® cuts a fine figure even in narrow spaces.

  • The Nature’s Head® is of high quality, very robust and will serve you many years. No unstable plastic parts, no shady wires.

    It is resistant to alkalis and acids and resists any disinfectant or cleaning with a steam cleaner.

  • The separation of urine and feces prevents smell!

    Everyone familiar with camping- or boat-toilets knows the smell of chemical additives – whether green or blue – or the stinging smell of feces and old urine that spreads in RV or boat, as soon as the bathroom door is open. If you can’t stand this any longer, we have an easy solution for you!

  • You do not need any toilet chemicals!

    Nowadays, many marinas do not accept chemical toilets for disposal anymore, due to biological treatment plants.

  • While free camping or anchoring in a secluded spot, the search for a disposal station is a thing of the past with a Nature’s Head®!

  • Long emptying intervals by drying the solids.

    Only the Nature’s Head® dries the content of the solids container, instead of simply collecting the moist fecal matter. The ventilation ensures even and fast drying.

  • The solids container of a Nature’s Head® is never suddenly full.

    As soon as the crank turns slightly harder, this suggests that the toilet should be emptied on occasion.

  • On occasion, however, may also be in 2-3 days or 2 weeks, e.g. if you’re on your way home anyway.

    This means for you never again emptying a toilet or changing a toilet cassette in the middle of the night or in pouring rain…

  • You do not need the toilet for a few days or weeks, or you want to leave it without emptying for the winter?

    No problem. Even without the fan running, your Nature’s Head® will not develop any unpleasant odors as soon as a minimum degree of solids dryness is achieved. This means for you, after a weekend outing or a weekend on your garden plot, you do not have to empty or clean your toilet, but just keep using it next time. You can dispose of the urine container in every toilet, with the screw cap you can also discreetly transport it in a bag, if required.

  • You do not need a crumbly litter after every use!

    No mess and no additional container in the bathroom. And at very manageable cost, because the coconut fiber bricks are not only compact and convenient to transport, they are also extremely inexpensive.

  • Before the first use or after emptying the toilet you need a coconut fiber brick or about 9-10 l peat. That’s it.

  • Do you own a garden? Composting of the solids is possible without any problems, learn more about composting here.

  • Hygienic, easy to use, comfortable.

  • In stock at any time!

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