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Closetty toilet paper moistener, white / black

The Closetty toilet paper moistener turns standard toilet paper and water into moist toilet paper. Moist and yet firm. Without any environmental impact.

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ToMTur Trockentoilette Technische Details

Technical Details

  • Weight

    0.190 kg

  • Dimensions

    10.8 × 12.8 × 5.3 cm

ToMTur Trenntoilette Lieferumfang

Scope of Delivery

Delivery without toilet paper holder!

ToMTur Trenntoilette Weitere Informationen

More Information

Moist toilet paper made of lotion-soaked fleece is not healthy for the environment or our skin. It should also not be disposed of in the toilet. Now Closetty is the answer to your hygiene questions. Depending on the angle at which the paper is unrolled, it is either slightly moist or dry.

Available in white or black, Closetty is an addition to your existing toilet roll holder.

The Closetty is mounted approx. 10 cm below your normal toilet paper holder. Closetty can be either screwed or glued.

A clean backside, thanks to the Closetty toilet paper humidifier

  • Naturally fresh
  • Affordable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Without preservatives
  • Without colorants or fragrances
  • Compostable

And: Works perfect as an accessory to our Nature's Head® composting toilets!