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Nature's Head® Composting Toilet

Your new Nature's Head® combines all the advantages of composting-, dry- and separating toilets in one robust design and impresses with its light weight and easy installation.

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Nature's Head® has really thought of everything. The compact design, the smart separation mechanism and the odourless composting make it perhaps the best portable toilet in the world. Since it does not require any water or chemicals, the NATURE'S HEAD® is not only suitable for "off-grid" use, but also boasts an impeccable environmental balance.
Comfortable and hygienic

Ready for use everywhere

The design of Nature's Head® guarantees toilet comfort wherever you are - sometimes for weeks without emptying solids!

Smart dividing flap

The separation mechanism in the seat is designed to separate urine and solids when going to the toilet - accurate and convenient for men and women alike.
Consistently environmentally friendly

Sustainability that convinces

The Nature's Head® need neither water nor chemicals. The end product is compost, which can be disposed of easily.
Ready to go in no time

Easy installation

Everything you need is included in the scope of delivery. You can install your Nature's Head® in just a few steps. As it was developed especially for mobile life, it is particularly robust and easy to clean.
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Scope of Delivery

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More Information

Your Nature's Head® separating toilet comes with most of the components necessary for installation. This does not include the cover for the ventilation to the outside, as each application requires a different variant. Common are e.g. gill plates in various sizes (e.g. if you already have an old lead-through), for a new installation a size of approx. 6 cm diameter is sufficient. We would strongly recommend a fly screen or a comparable solution with gauze to make it impossible for insects to enter the ventilation hose.

Please observe the installation instructions regarding the ventilation area. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions regarding your installation.

For some installation variants longer hose lengths might be required, for longer pieces the hose can also be replaced by commercially available PVC pipe. In this case, however, please note that a flexible piece of hose is required towards the toilet for service work (pulling off the hose to empty the solids tank).

If your installation has a floor construction other than wood, other fastening screws may be necessary. For installations on concrete floors or similar, you can alternatively fix the toilet on a piece of painted wood, which is firmly screwed or glued to the concrete.

If you want to operate the toilet on a 230 volt power supply (house connection), this can be done with the help of a power supply.

Quality: Made of robust PE with stainless steel fittings. Ergonomically shaped seat.

Operation and cleaning: After each use, operating the crank will mix the solids with coconut fibres. For cleaning, all you need is a spray bottle with vinegar solution.

Emptying: Empty urine bottle as needed. The solid container has a capacity of 60-80 toilet cycles.

Note on installation where space is limited

If you want to install your Nature's Head in front of a wall without a gap to the rear for space reasons, you can simply remove the upper part of the rear hinge. The toilet head is held securely at all times by the snap locks on the sides!