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ToMTuR Adapter for external urine tank with odour trap

If the capacity of the integrated urine bottle of the Nature's Head® is not sufficient, it can be removed and the urine outlet connected to an external urine tank. In this case, the urine tank adapter with odour trap helps to effectively hold back odour from the tank.


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Technical Details

  • Dimensions

    10 × 5 × 5 cm

  • Weight

    0.04 kg

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More Information

Nature's Head® composting toilets are supplied with an 8.3l integrated urine tank. If this integrated urine tank is to be replaced by a larger, external urine tank, the integrated tank can be removed and the urine drain connected to the external tank.

The odour trap adapter for external urine tanks can be used to effectively prevent the rebound of odours that can form in very large external urine tanks due to longer periods of storage in the tank.

For the drain line, we offer matching HT pipe with 32 mm diameter in different lengths.