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ToMTur die Experten für Komposttoiletten
Composting Toilets

Reviews and experiences with ToMTuR composting toilets

Our customers love their composting toilets - no smell, no disposal stations, no hassle!

Here you will find some feedback and reviews we have received from our customers. We have partly translated them from German.

Solid product and super dedicated service!
Jörg K.
In times when many people are always complaining, I would like to praise them for their good and customer-friendly service - that has to be said.
Erhard T.
I was very lucky to get a live demonstration on site. Don't worry, the business was already done. But I could see for myself that there was no smell, even though the ventilation wasn't even switched on. Great invention!
Claudia F.
As a single user, I only have to empty it every three months. That is the best thing about the NH separation toilet.
Christa M.
The toilet has proven itself, is easy to handle and NO smell at all.
We also have the Nature's Head separating toilet. There are two of us on the road. The principle works honestly without any problems and is highly recommended for many reasons (ecological, but also for reasons of self-sufficiency).
Andreas R.
If I had known three years ago that something like this existed, I would have had it installed in my new motorhome right away. I wouldn't want to do without this toilet.
My conclusion: never again a cassette, I should have converted earlier.
As reported by other users, we have not noticed any odour nuisance so far, even when we have switched off the fan during interruptions in use. So far we are completely satisfied!
Edgar B.
I would like to tell you how pleased I am with this toilet. It is really worth the money and is a stunner. You have to wonder why this ecological toilet is not used more often. Maybe it's the price. But it is ideal for long-term campers.
Inga J.
Here's my two cents on the separation toilet, especially Nature's Head:
Works exactly as it should! It really doesn't smell!
It stinks, nothing smells at all! It's hard to believe, but it's true! I don't regret buying it at all, on the contrary! It's a pity I didn't do this before. It would have saved me a lot of inconvenience and trouble with the cassette over the years. Still, it's never too late! I can highly recommend Nature's Head separation toilet to everyone.
We were very curious to see how we would get on with the Natures Head. Conclusion: we are very satisfied with the handling and the non-existent odour development. Also with your excellent service. Everything as we had hoped, we will gladly recommend ToMTuR!