Composting toilets for Tiny Houses

The Tiny House movement is a trend towards building compact homes to live in, usually with a total area under 400 square feet. These are regular homes but scaled right down, designed for everyday living and constructed from usual building materials.

Tiny houses are also generally designed to be more eco-friendly and have less of an environmental impact than normal-sized homes. Built without foundations, they can also be easily moved from one location to another, and many will not be subject to strict planning permissions.

No extra infrastructure required

In a Tiny House, space is (naturally) at a premium. Composting toilets are ideal for tiny homes because they are compact, and don’t require any additional infrastructure such as an upper water tank or separate water supply for flushing, or a lower black water tank for waste. The Nature’s Head® doesn’t even need a separate urine tank!

No drainage required

A composting toilet doesn’t require mains drainage either, because:

  • Liquid waste is separated off and can be disposed of down a drain or even diluted and used as a fertiliser.
  • Solid waste composts into an inert, low-odour compost (humanure) which can be used like regular compost to help improve soil, whether in the house garden compost heap or in the wider environment. For more uses click here.

No smell either!

With a tiny electric fan to aerate the waste and a vent to the outside world, a composting toilet doesn’t need any chemicals. Liquid waste is separated from solid waste, and both end up in leak-proof containers. So a composting toilet is odour-free, particularly important when you’ve living in a tiny space!

Composting toilets for tiny homes

For full dimensions of our composting toilets, check out our installation guide.

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