Why a composting toilet?

There are times when a water-based flushing toilet is just not suitable. You may have an outbuilding with no drainage, a campervan on the road, or a boat in a marina that won’t accept chemical toilet waste.

Composting toilets provide a waterless, chemical and odour-free solution that doesn’t involve a water supply, pumping out waste or compromising on the comfort of the user!

Our Nature’s Head® composting toilets look just like a normal home toilet, and can be installed anywhere with a flat surface, from home offices and sheds to vehicles, boats and outbuildings, and even bunkers.

How does a composting toilet work?

A composting toilet is an all-natural, eco friendly solution that produces inert, natural-smelling composted waste that’s safe to dispose of on a compost heap. Your garden plants will love it! By simply separating liquid and solid waste, a composting toilet can last months before emptying is required.

Where can I install a composting toilet?

Composting toilets are perfect for anywhere you need toilet facilities but don’t have drains;

Campers and caravans

Boats, yachts and other marine craft

RVs, motorhomes and trailers

Outbuildings, home offices, workshops and sheds

Tiny Houses

What are the best composting toilets to buy?

Our team have literally road-tested most major composting toilets, and we think we’ve found the best by far – Nature’s Head® composting toilets. Their patented design produces natural-smelling dry composted materials, not wet sloppy waste. That’s why we sell them at our shop, and why we are distributors for the UK and Europe.

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